Easy, On the Go Wipe Dispenser for Medical Professionals

What is a Swipe Pod

An easy, on-the-go alcohol prep pad dispenser that can be attached to your scrubs, lab coat pocket, stethoscope, lanyard, or any place that works for you!

The Swipe Pod is designed keeping in mind ergonomics and simplicity. It holds up to 15 wipes at a time.

To dispense a wipe, simply swipe up the alcohol pad in the groove slot and push up!

Environment friendly and help to reduce wastage! Instead of using a whole alcohol wipe, you now have the option to use the little prep pad on demand.

Swipe Pods help to keep your patients safe by making disinfecting wipes available at your fingertips!

Say NO to lugging large wipe containers and YES to on-the-go, compact and easy cleaning! 

Because clean makes all the difference!