Swipe Pod usage in real on the clock moments


As a Registered Nurse for over a decade and in the healthcare field for 2 decades,

I understand the level of cleanliness that is important to maintain with yourself and your patients.

Even possibly being the reason for a patient to get an infection and become more sick while they are at their worst, would be negligent and weigh on the conscious mind. 

Becoming a nurse practitioner in cardiology, I  auscultate a lot, and using a big cleansing wipe to clean off my stethoscope seemed wasteful.

At one point, I was about to put my stethoscope on a patient with a fresh pacemaker and stopped myself in mid-air.

I thought, “OH my GOD!” I could give this guy an infection! When did I last clean the bell of this stethoscope?” 

I went to get an alcohol pad, but couldn’t find one for a while, and couldn’t go into another patients room to get one of the nurses' cart. 

Luckily when I returned with the alcohol pad, the patient was jovial and we made a joke out of the situation.

But then realized, I needed an on-demand system where I could be proactive and easily retrieve an alcohol pad when I needed it. 

Then it hit me, while I was taking my dog for a walk, and went to roll off a bag to pick up his poop!

And the idea of SwipePods was born!