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why buy a swipe pod?


Have clean right at your fingertips, or scrub pockets, or attached to your stethoscope, and make it your own style


Different sizes: Each Swipe Pod can hold a 2inch by 2inch pad. mainly for alcohol wipes.  

Sizes: There box-ier version in different colors and a sleeker box which comes in the color black; all hold 2"x2" alcohol pads

Dimensions: 2inch by 2 inches

Front Color- the front color vary- from clear and variations- these all are engravable and personalized

Engravable & Personalized Swipe Pods: Customized Engraving, your Name and Title, a Logo for business and companies. and fun pictures.

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What can the Swipe Pod attach to?- pockets, stethoscopes, scrubs., lab coats...

Refill the Swipe Pod?-  fast & easy! push down the front cover, slide the pads in..comfortably holds approximately 10-15 pads. and then easily swipe them out the top

Why not just carry alcohol pads in my pocket?- have all your alcohol pads in a clean safe environment, reduces waste- I've found alcohol pads near my washing machine from the past few years.  many alcohol pads are wasted....

Can you fill it with other things? - if it fits, fill it!  some friends fill it with eyeglass cleansers


Swipe --> Sanitize --> Stay Clean --> Stay Safe --> Inner Peace

Convenient and innovative to maintain hygiene on the go.     

Carry alcohol wipes in this dispenser for easy use 

Attach to just about anything

Healthcare workers: Swipe Pods will be your best friend.

Keep your patients, co-workers, and yourself germ-free all day long while you are running around doing what you do best, in the safest possible way; taking care of your patients! 


Maintaining hygiene, to ensure the safety of yourself and the patients. This is the best way to defeat a pandemic like COVID-19. The diaphragm and the bell of your stethoscope is an extension of your sanitized hands, keep it clean, and stop the spread of organisms and germs.

Swipe clean your phone, pens, highlighters, keys, ID badges, credit cards, copy machines, stethoscopes, patients' arms, etc. with Swipe Pods there are endless possibilities.


Be READY,  be SAFE, be HEALTHY!!!! 

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